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Who We Are

The MultiMedica System builds around human beings and their health, values so great as to justify the highest technology, professional and scientific investments.

Patients and physicians are the core of a hospital’s entire activity. This fundamental principal is common to all employees including doctors, nurses, technicians, office workers, managers and service operators of all divisions and services.
Based on this awareness our organization has chosen to embark upon complex medical challenges such as acute-care cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery and oncology.
We have leveraged our 25 years of experience to deliver on our promises and, together with the group, our professional standards have grown steadily to levels beyond local standards, matching the most advanced international models.

All our facilities continue to be strongly linked to the territory, aiming to strengthen the collaboration relationships with public entities and Universities; in our opinion Family Doctors are important points of reference for patients and our commitment towards them is to provide our services and expertise.
Our goal is a global “Quality System” which is not intended merely as a red tape procedure, but as a requirement for the continuous improvement of the multiple areas of expertise existing within our organization and to sustain the continuous and overall growth of our organization.
In compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01 which sanctions a Company’s administrative responsibility for crimes committed by its employees, MultiMedica has adopted an effective “organization, management and control model" aimed at preventing unlawful behavior.