Excellencies - Bariatric Surgery Center

Surgical solutions

Who is a candidate for the intervention?
The determination of the body mass index (IMC), a number that indicates the relationship between weight and body surface, is fundamental.

Calculate your own Body Mass Index. Crossing weight and height, read the value in the colored boxes that indicate your group.

They are candidates for surgical treatment:

  • patients with IMC over 40: high level obesity
  • patients with IMC over 35: mid-grade obesity
  • patients with IMC lower than 35 but with serious cardiovascular, metabolic and associated respiratory diseases.

They are candidates for non-invasive treatment (endoscopic positioning of endogastric air balloons):

  • patients with IMC between 30 and 35
  • patients under 18 years of age or over 65
  • patients with anaesthesiological vetoes to surgery.

What is the purpose of the intervention?
The aim is to bring the patient back to the state of normality. The choice of surgery is based not only on the IMC, any associated diseases or familiarity, but also on eating habits and psychological component.

There are basically three types of intervention:

  • Restrictant
  • Metabolic
  • Malabsorbent

The choice is based on the value of IMC but above all on the psycho-behavioral habits of the subject.