Excellencies - Bariatric Surgery Center

Adjustable videolaparoscopic gastric ring: totally reversible restrictive operation

The surgery is performed with laparoscopic method in general anaesthesia. The patient is discharged on a second post-operative day.
At home, the patient should carefully follow the instructions for re-feeding.
The medical staff of surgeon, dietician and psychologist will be available for any problem.
We’ll provide your personal booklet with the details of your ring and the personal data that will be updated at the inspection visits, together with the food plans to follow.
The stomach is whole but changes its shape: it’s like having a funnel at the entrance. You will have difficulty to introduce large amounts of food because the passage is slowed down.
If the food has not passed beyond the “bottleneck” yet, you will have to stop eating.
The essential thing to always remember is that the intervention alone is not enough to lose weight; the will is absolutely essential for food re-education, the only one that can maintain the result forever even when the ring is no longer there.

First Step
2 slots in the fatty tissue that covers the stomach  are prepared so that it can surrounded.
Second Step
The open gastric ring is introduced and passed around the stomach.
Third Step
Once the correct position is established, the ring is closed.
Fourth Step
The bowl is connected to the tank located in the subcutaneous grease, this is the system for adjusting the bandage.