Excellencies - Bariatric Surgery Center

After surgery

At any time you should always remember that:

  • If gastroscopy or radiological investigation is required, the doctor should be informed of the type of procedure to which it has been subjected.
  • It is advisable to avoid pregnancy within 18 months after surgery for the important slimming that you will have that could affect the child’s growth in the uterus.
  • It is absolutely necessary to carry out the scheduled checks established by the specialist doctor, who will follow you with outpatient visits.
  • Try not to take anti-inflammatory drugs in order not to cause problems for your stomach and if necessary associate a gastro protection.
  • Sometimes psychological support is helpful. If you’ll have a few difficult moments, that is normal, get the help you need.
  • As soon as your doctor will give you the ok, commit yourself in appropriate physical activity to tone your muscles.
  • An aesthetic correction will not be possible earlier than 24 months after the surgery at the achieved goal.