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Diversion bilio-pancreatic according to Scopinaro: malabsorbitive intervention

Modifications to the stomach and small intestine with the creation of an alimentary canal (2 meters), and a short common stretch (50 cm) where the bilio-pancreatic bend converges.

It is the most used of this category of interventions, codified for some time now, over the years improved and refined to make it “customized”.

Acts with a combined mechanism:

  • Reducing stomachs makes you eat less
  • Reduced absorption at the intestinal level causesĀ  calories in excess to be lost, reducing the absorption of nutrients of what is ingested.
    The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia with laparoscopic video technique or, possibly, laparotomically.
    The patient is discharged on 3/4 post-operative day.

It is essential to follow the advice for refeeding in the first month, then a varied diet, except for sugars, rich in protein, free in quantity.
Continuous supplementation of mineral salts and vitamins is essential.
The time-consuming controls are essential!