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Endgastric air balloon

The device has been tested as
biocompatible and latex free

A balloon designed to be placed endoscopically, in sedation, in patients suffering from obesity between 30 and 35 IMC, for which there is no proper bariatric surgery. Sometimes it can also be indicated in severe obesity, in young children or in obese patients who cannot access surgery for anaesthesiological veto with the possibility of re-evaluation after weight loss, and re-candidature to surgery for reduced risk operators, or to contain the degree of obesity during a prolonged psychological pathway before being able to perform the definitive intervention. It is performed in the endoscopic room.
The anaesthetist provides sedation that will make you feel relaxed but able to understand and collaborate. Patient collaboration is essential to make the procedure absolutely painless, easy and fast.

First Step
The deflated balloon is rolled in order to be slightly larger than the endoscope, is lubricated and placed in the mouth; you will be asked to swallow it so that it proceeds to the inside of the stomach.
The endoscope follows the path of the balloon until it reaches the stomach.

Second Step
It is now inflated with 550/650 cc of air. The endoscope is then displaced.

Third Step
It is left in place for 6 months and then removed, again endoscopically, after having deflated it.
If necessary, it may be repositioned after at least 2 months of rest for the stomach.
You will have regular follow-up. During the period in which the balloon is seated, you will be followed by the dietician and psychologist in order to get the maximum result, which depends mainly on  your willingness to follow the rules of food re-education.
In this way you will learn to maintain the result and manage it forever.

Fourth Step
The bowl is connected to the tank located in the subcutaneous grease, this is the system for adjusting the bandage.