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Sleeve Gastrectomy videolaparoscopic: sheer, irreversible restrictive intervention

The stomach is reduced in size by changing its shape: a sleeve that can contain from 100 to 150 ml of food is cutten out and the rest of the stomach is removed.
The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia with minivasive video laparoscopic method or, if necessary, laparotomically. Resignation on the fifth day.
At home you will have recognise the feeling of stuffiness and then stop.
You will be helped with food advices and possibly psychological support.
Some integration is useful at least initially, and then possibly in cycles.

If the slimming achieved with this surgery is not satisfactory or if it is necessary to lose further weight, it is possible to subsequently convert the intervention according to the following options:


Diversion bilio-pancreatic variant duodenal videolaparoscopic switch Next as the idea to DBP according to Scopinaro has different sizes of the lugs: common 1 meter and feed 1.5 meters.
ByPass Gastrico VideoLaparoscopic