Excellencies - Diabetology and Endocrine Diseases

Diabetes Type 1

The Diabetes type 1 is caused by autoimmune or idiopathic beta-cell destruction and is characterized by a lack of absolute insulin production.
The LADA variant appears in adults and has a slower course. The prevalence in Italy is around 0.3% of the population and often has a highly symptomatic onset characterized by polyuria (increased diuresis), polydipsia (increased thirst) and weight loss (weight loss).
It can not rarely begin with a state of soporific or coma due to ketoacidosis secondary to absolute insulin deficiency.

The diagnosis involves the evaluation of the presence of antibodies by blood sampling (the most common are antiICA, antiGAD, antiIIA2 antibodies), and the patient always needs insulin treatment.

The important evolution in the therapy of type 1 diabetes is technological with new engineered molecules of insulin, new ways of administering it and new ways of measuring blood glucose.
In MultiMedica we have developed clinics dedicated to type 1 diabetes with in-depth study of new technologies (pumps, sensors) but also with particular attention to the carbohydrate count necessary for the correct intake of insulin at meals.