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Cornea Clinic

The Cornea and Ocular Surface Service” is divided into Corneal Outpatient Clinic and Front Segment Outpatient Clinic and attracts a large number of patients, often sent by local ophthalmologists or, for second opinion, by colleagues from other regions.
The service deals with the clinical setting, high-tech diagnostics and medical and/or surgical treatment of infectious, degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the cornea and ocular surface.

The cases treated range from very frequent pathologies such as dry eye, the blepharitis and eye allergies, to serious infectious diseases and inflammatory, to pathologies of surgical interest such as keratocono, lo corneal endothelial decompensation, lo pterygio and scars from trauma or previous infections.
The Service has state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies including Corneal Topography and Scheimpflug Pentacam HR Tomography, RTVue Optvue OCT, Cirrus 5000 Zeiss OCT, Keratograph 5M Oculus, Tomey Specular Endothelial Biomicroscopy and CSO HR Camera.

The surgical treatment involves the most modern techniques of replant of the lamellar cornea, both the superficial and the deepest portion of the cornea, with a considerable reduction in the invasiveness of the procedure, rapid recovery and reduced risk of rejection. For the treatment of keratoconus in the initial and intermediate progressive stages, treatment with Corneal cross-linking accelerated, with a significant reduction in surgical time. For the treatment of Pterygio the removal with homograft of conjunctiva and limbus is used, to obtain a result of excellent aesthetic impact, reducing the risk of recurrence.
In addition, the Service carries out an intense scientific research activity that is reflected in numerous publications in international scientific journals and several clinical trials on innovative drugs still in clinical trials.
The Cornea Outpatient Clinic has been recognized as a Presidium of the Rare Diseases Network in Lombardy for Corneal Dystrophies and Degeneration.
The Cornea and Ocular Surface Service of St. Joseph’s Hospital is also a reference centre specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of paediatric subjects, including cornea transplantation.
To book a visit you can call or go to the reception in person, specifying OCULISTIC VISIT at AMBULATORY CORNEAL AMBULATORY (keratoconus, pterygium, corneal decompensation, corneal dystrophies and degeneration, infectious forms, corneal transplantation) or OCULISTIC VISIT at ANTERIOR SEGMENT SURGERY (dry eye, eye allergies, inflammatory diseases of the eye surface, infectious forms).

At the cornea surgery several patients with corneal problems, many of whom are newly diagnosed. The cases treated vary from diseases of medical interest such as corneal dystrophies and degeneration, infectious or inflammatory keratitis and surgical diseases such as keratoconus and decompensation of the corneal endothelium for the most part, as well as extensive corneal ulcers refractory to medical therapy and opacity from corneal dystrophies, previous trauma or infectious keratitis. Various surgical procedures are available for the treatment of the above diseases, which may involve the replacement of a part or the entire cornea by transplantation. The transplantation techniques adopted are more frequently of the lamellar type, replacing only the pathological cornea layer, reducing the degree of invasiveness of the surgery with a faster visual recovery and lower risk of rejection and post-operative infections. The acquisition of lamellar transplantation techniques is not the prerogative