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Cornea Clinic

The Cornea clinic is home to a number of patients with corneal problems, many of whom are newly diagnosed. The cases treated range from medical conditions such as dystrophies and corneal degeneration, infectious or inflammatory keratitis and surgical conditions such as keratoconus and corneal endothelium decompensation for the most part, as well as extensive corneal ulcers refractory to medical therapy and opacity from corneal dystrophies, previous traumas or infectious keratitis. Various surgical procedures are available for the treatment of these diseases, which may involve the replacement of part or the entire cornea by transplantation. The transplantation techniques adopted are more frequently of the lamellar type, which replaces only the pathological corneal layer, reducing the degree of invasiveness of the operation with a faster visual recovery and lower risk of rejection and post-operative infections. The acquisition of lamellar transplantation techniques is not a prerogative of all transplantation centers, as it requires dedicated training, as in our case.

(Corneal endotheliumcompensation)