Excellencies - Eye Clinic

The Glaucoma Centre

At the Ospedale San Giuseppe there is a Glaucoma Center for the diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from all forms of glaucoma (senile glaucoma, secondary glaucoma, malformative glaucoma).

The Glaucoma Center is equipped with the most modern technologies for the execution of the visual field examination and for the study of the optic nerve.

All laser treatments are performed, iridotomy for narrow angle glaucoma, iridoplasty for “plateau iris” forms, cyclo-photocoagulation for advanced and refractory glaucomas. At the Glaucoma Center it is possible to perform the laser treatment “SLT”, selective trabeculoplasty, which allows in many patients with ocular hypertonia or initial glaucoma to reduce eye pressure without the use of eye drops.

The surgical treatment includes, when possible, the use of mini-invasive filtering surgery techniques (MIGS- micro invasive glaucoma surgery) that allow to reduce the risks of traditional surgery with a faster recovery. Trabeculectomy, deep sclerectomy and valve implants are also performed. Particular attention is given to patients with concomitant cataract and glaucoma for the management and evaluation of the combined intervention (simultaneous treatment of cataract and glaucoma).

The Glaucoma Centre is part of the University of Milan, and is a scientific research centre. It is included in the main scientific research boards on glaucoma and is currently the operational site of numerous national and international clinical trials.

The St. Joseph’s Hospital Glaucoma Centre is also a national reference centre for the treatment and surgery of congenital and childhood glaucoma.