Excellencies - Hand Surgery


The therapy of neuro and psychomotricity of the evolutionary age is a discipline that aims to enhance the overall value of the person, understood as a close union between somatic, cognitive and affective structure.

It was born to welcome and respond to the needs of the child, accompanying him in his normal developmental path (educational and preventive to discomfort) or in a situation of difficulty (therapeutic aid).

In the context of congenital malformations in hand surgery, the purpose of psychomotricity is to promote the development of nonappearance competence, functional recovery which, due to the disease, has been lost and the involvement of the hand and upper limb affected in the global context.

Psychomotricity is part of the treatment protocol for the promotion and integration of the hand and upper limb with congenital malformation in psychomotor development.

The activities are aimed at the corticalization of the gesture and the integration of the limb affected by malformation in the body scheme, that is the mental image that each person has of himself, through the game and in particular the spontaneous play, which is considered the tool with which the child knows the world and learns.