Personalized Check Up

The MultiMedica Group’s Check-up Service offers customized clinical-diagnostic pathways based on the characteristics.

The Check-up Service is directed by Dr. Stefania Pacchetti.

The path begins with the internal examination and basal blood chemistry sampling aimed at evaluating the lipid profile, liver, kidney, thyroid and cardiovascular function.

On the basis of the parameters thus determined, is then traced the most suitable diagnostic procedure, the choice of different specialist visits, instrumental and laboratory tests, based on individual needs.

All this under the guidance of the internist – Tutor who coordinates the various specialists and supervises the examinations.

The final result is an in-depth knowledge of one’s own state of health, the identification of one’s own risk factors (cardiovascular, oncological…), with the consequent indications on the type of future clinical controls and suggestions, if necessary, for changing one’s lifestyle.