The Pneumology Unit of the San Giuseppe Hospital is one of the few European centres that deals with rare pulmonary diseases both interstitial (pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis, LAM, etc.), vascular (pulmonary hypertension, vasculitis, etc.) and connective diseases with lung involvement.

With over 1,500 patients followed, it is recognized by the Lombardy Region as a regional reference centre for rare diseases.

All clinical-instrumental investigations are carried out there, from bronchoscopy to right cardiac catheterization to transbronchial cryobiopsia, and today it is the European Centre with the most important case history of some rare pulmonary diseases such as LAM. The Pneumology Task Force is part of the European Network for Rare Lung Diseases (ERN-LUNG). A collaboration project with the Niguarda Hospital has also been activated, which provides for outpatient activities at Villa Marelli and, in the future, the strengthening of assistance in the area.
This is an interesting project of public-private collaboration.

Our O.U. adheres to experimental clinical studies on the use of new drugs in the treatment of various rare and non-rare diseases. This offers patients access to the most innovative medicines on the market.