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Milk Bank

We don’t come from stars or flowers, but from mother’s milk. We survived because of human compassion and our mother’s care. This is our main nature“.
Dalai Lama

What is a Human Milk Bank?
The Milk Bank was created to guarantee a free service to collect, control, process, store and distribute donated human milk.
The Bank, in fact, collects the milk produced in surplus from “generous” mothers who, after feeding their babies, decide to donate the excess milk to the children who need it most.

Who are the donors?
Donors are mothers who voluntarily decide to donate their excess milk and who are deemed suitable for donation after medical examination and evaluation of serological tests (HIV, HCV, HBV CMV antibodies).

Bank milk is a safe food?
The quality of the milk is guaranteed by an accurate execution of certified procedures, from the screening of the donors, to the way the milk is collected and stored, to the bacteriological controls up to the pasteurization of the milk which takes place with the Holder method at 62.5 C°.
All steps comply with the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point), the food hygiene risk analysis system.

How much milk and for how long to donate?
There are no constraints, Mom will decide how much milk to donate and for how long.
A mother with good milk production is able both to breastfeed her baby and to donate milk to other infants who need it. Stimulating and emptying the breast regularly, in fact, guarantees a higher milk production.

Donated Human Milk Bank
Ospedale San Giuseppe, Via San Vittore 12, Milan
c/o Neonatology Unit
Director, Dr. Filippo Porcelli
Nursing coordinator, Ms Paula Pierdonà

Scientific Director Perinatal Medicine:
Prof.ssa Iolanda Minoli

For information and appointments:
Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.