Excellencies - The birth point

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Being born in San Giuseppe is easy.
In fact, we have created a “Desk” dedicated to future parents.
Our “Sportello Nascite” is the first point of contact between the hospital and future parents.

Located at the entrance, in via San Vittore 12, it is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 16.00.

It is the office dedicated exclusively to the obstetric-neonatological area.
Here specialized staff will help you to define the birth path that best suits your needs, completing the relevant administrative formalities and answering all your questions.
Its main function is that of a booking and acceptance corner, with the advantage of being able to plan in one go all the visits, examinations and checks scheduled in the 9 months of gestation.
At the Birth Office it is also possible to find information about courses and initiatives organized ad hoc for new parents, before and after childbirth.

Info: sportello.nascite@multimedica.it