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Safety in the workplace includes all preventive measures to be taken, in order to guarantee workers a safe and healthy workplace, and to avoid accidents at work and/or occupational diseases.

The safety at work continues to be one of the dramatic themes that the news continues to bring out almost every day.
It is estimated that a significant proportion of workers in Italy are victims of an accident at work each year. These are almost a million accidents of different nature and severity, of which more than 28,000 cause permanent disability in the victim and more than 1,200 cause his death. This is equivalent to saying that every day in Italy three people lose their lives due to misfortunes related to their work.

The extent of the problem and the peculiarity of the matter have made it necessary over time, adequate legislation.
Rules that determine the obligation for all companies, even those with only one employee, to organize and implement complex and articulated procedures, with objective and substantial difficulties for most of them!

The current legislation also provides, among other things, for a thorough monitoring of compliance with the rules, carried out by various bodies (ASL, VVF, Labour Inspectorate, INAIL, etc.), with the possible consequent sanctioning action against companies that fail to comply.

To give a professional and dedicated service MultiMedica Spa entrusts Studio HS with appropriate advice and services.
Studio HS was created in response to this need. The group of professionals, possessing a degree of specialization in the different areas of Labour Safety, together with the employer seek to improve quality in the workplace to avoid accidents and occupational diseases, as well as avoid complaints and possible sanctions by the bodies in charge of control.

Studio HS in its various disciplines carries out integrated consulting services in the field of “safety and health protection in the workplace”, providing a complete and adequate support to the individual customer’s needs: taking on RSPP assignment, from risk assessment to the inspection in the company, to the compilation of safety documents and drafting of emergency plans, from the implementation of POS, to training courses on the subject.

We believe it would be useful to include among our services, the provision of accurate and detailed information on legislative developments in the field of “protection of the health and safety of workers in the workplace” offered to all our customers.

We therefore invite you to ask for a quote or to study the topics on the site.

The Consolidated Safety Act (Legislative Decree 81/2008) requires the employer to ensure that each worker receives adequate health and safety training, with particular reference to

  • concepts of risk, damage, prevention, protection, organization of company prevention, rights and duties of the various corporate subjects, supervisory bodies, control, assistance;
  • risks related to the tasks and possible damages and the consequent measures and procedures of prevention and protection characteristic of the sector or sector of belonging to the company.

The Consolidated Text provides that the duration, minimum contents and methods of formation are to be defined by agreement at the Permanent Conference for relations between the State, Regions and Autonomous Provinces, after consultation with the social partners.
On 21 December 2011, the Permanent Conference for State-Regions Relations approved the Agreements on Security Formation.
Based on the risk of company activity: low, medium and high, the different training obligations are identified.

The levels will be:

  • Basso: offices and services, commerce, handicrafts and tourism
  • Medium: agriculture, fisheries, education, transport, warehousing,
  • High: Construction, Industry, Food, Food, Textile, Wood, Manufacturing, Energy, Waste, Refineries, Chemistry, Health, Residential Services.

To meet these needs, the MultiMedica Group, in collaboration with Studio HS, proposes itself as an ideal partner, expert and professional, able to offer standard or ad hoc courses based on all the educational and organisational needs of the companies, following some examples of the numerous courses:


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In order to ensure a safe workplace and protect the health of each individual worker, the Legislative Decree 81/08: Consolidated text on safety at work, provides for the election of the Head of Prevention and Protection Service responsible for the protection and supervision service for the sectors and workers at risk of accidents.

The role of RSPP for the Single Text for safety, is mainly to supervise safety and propose information and training programs in order to prepare each worker for work but above all to the risks related to work activity. This person also has the task of promoting safety through consultations on health and prevention issues directly with other members of the prevention service such as the competent doctor, the RLS and the employer.

To meet all these needs, the MultiMedica Group entrusts the consulting services for occupational safety to its partner Studio HS, an expert and professional, who, thanks to the experience of a team of consultants specialized in occupational safety and health and safety who have been working for years in small and large companies, develop effective strategies for prevention and risk assessment in the workplace.

Below is a list of the main services that Studio HS offers:

  • assignment of external RSPP
  • Setting of the Risk Assessment Document (DVR)
  • Specialist instrumental examinations (Vibrations, noise, etc.)

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