MultiMedica Scientific Research

Ethical Committee

Following the entry into force of DG Salute n. 5493 of 25 06 2013 concerning the Reorganisation of the Ethical Committees in the Lombardy Region and being IRCCS MultiMedica one of the Sections relating to the Central Ethical Committee IRCCS Lombardia, the Lombardy Region on 21 October 2013 with Resolution Protocol HI 2013 0029161 considered the Order Establishing the EC by the Board of Directors of MultiMedica to be valid, in particular with regard to the MultiMedica hospital facilities.

Therefore, the 4 structures belonging to MultiMedica Holding SpA:

  • IRCCS MultiMedica, Via Milanese 300 – 20099, Sesto San Giovanni (Milan)
  • San Giuseppe Hospital (accredited medical facility), Via San Vittore 12 – 20123, Milan
  • MultiMedical Hospital, Viale Piemonte 70 – 21053, Castellanza (Varese)
  • MultiMedical Hospital, Via Fratelli Bandiera 3 – 20812, Limbiate (Monza Brianza)

will be under the same affiliation that isEthical Committee IRCCS MultiMedical Section of the Central Ethics Committee IRCCS Lombardy

These are the members of the IRCCS MultiMedica Ethics Committee Section of the IRCCS Lombardy Central Ethics Committee, in office for the three-year period 2017/2020:

  • Prof. Emilio Trabucchi – Clinic
  • Prof. Michele Aramini – Bioethics
  • Prof. Alberico Catapano – Pharmacologist
  • Dr. Elisabetta Calabetta Calabretto – Pharmacist SSR
  • Dr. Davide Luigi Maria Lauri – Doctor of General Medicine
  • Dr. Adele Patrini – Representative of the Associationism/Volunteering
  • Prof. Emilio Vanoli – Medical device expert
  • Dr. Carmelo Di Pietro – Paediatrician
  • Mrs. Tanja Di Stasio – Coordinator of the C. E. Scientific Secretariat
  • Dr. Sara Gandini – Biostatistics
  • Dr. Stefano De Servi – Clinic
  • Dr. Claudio Anzà – Clinic
  • D.A.I. Silvana Borghi – Health care professionals area representative
  • Dr. Carmen Sommese – Medical Director
  • Prof. Gianfranco Gensini – Scientific Director
  • Mr. Stefano Candela – Lawyer, expert in medical-legal subjects