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New portal “Cuore e….”

Cuore e…   was born as an extension of the COVID and Heart project.

In the first months of the pandemic we decided to launch the COVID and heart portal, a virtual space that would give timely and documented answers to the new problems that emerged with COVID-19 and in particular to the management of relapse in cardiology.

The “COVID e Cuore experience has been very positive, it has allowed us to experience the lively interest of the medical community and the desire to deepen the current issues with particular attention to cardiology. Thanks to Covid and heart we have created an effective network: now is the time not to disperse what has been achieved from this experience but rather to take advantage of it by further enriching the communication and information of colleagues.

In the course of the pandemic, we have witnessed a substantial change in medicine and found ourselves working in uncertainty, facing new scenarios with practical and organizational difficulties. This context has challenged the current healthcare organization and helped us to understand that in order to get out of the crisis, but in general to be able to benefit from a strong medicine, collaboration and cohesion are needed between local doctors and hospital doctors. In this scenario we have also witnessed an important development of digital medicine, a true lifeline for the management of chronic patients in the hottest days of the pandemic.

We have therefore understood that with an innovative but at the same time collective work we can really, together, achieve tangible and concrete results. Now, however, it is necessary to invest in the training of professionals: from prevention to patient care and post hospitalization.

Cuore e… herefore aims to offer a space for comparison, updating and discussion for cardiologists and general practitioners attentive to developments in the profession. The goal is to develop a new collective, collaborative and connective intelligence in cardiovascular medicine.

The space can be reached through the link “CUORE E….

In summary, the major focus points of the portal are:

  • General Practitioner analysis and comparison with scientific societies, Guidelines analysis, Note 97
  • Cardiological management of outpatients: the position of the Scientific Societies and the real world
  • Digital Medicine experiences and practical examples, dialogue and comparison on innovative strategies for the cardiology of the future
  • NOAC: an example of a crossroads of knowledge, skills, regulations, pathways and procedures
  • Modifiable Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • Critical appraisal in cardiovascular medicine: new articles, congress presentations, controversies.

Gian Franco Gensini – Scientific Director IRCCS MultiMedica