MultiMedica Scientific Research

Oncological Research

MultiMedica’s Oncological Research is part of the Translational Research, that is, as the English would say “from bench to bedside” (from counter to bedside). The scientific activity therefore makes use of the cooperation between clinicians, pathologists and researchers in order to carry out studies of interest and relapse for the patients themselves and the general population.

The main areas of oncological research can be identified in the following:

  • Screening and primary prevention of colon cancer, prostate and udder
  • Identification of serum and molecular biomarkers for early diagnosis of cancer
  • Identification and prevention of side and adverse effects of cancer therapies, with particular attention to the cardiovascular system
  • Clinical protocols for innovative or experimental therapeutic strategies
  • Strategies of cancer prevention through lifestyle changes, with particular attention to diet
  • Events derived from food with potential anti-tumor drugs, nutriceutics
  • Angiogenesis, vascular tumour biology, inflammation and cancer
  • Nanotechnology in oncology

The Oncological Researchof MultiMedica carries out its activity in close collaboration with many other institutions present on the territory and is in cooperation networks with Institutes and public and private research institutions and universities in Italy and abroad.

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Programme Italian Society of Experimental Oncology.