MultiMedica Scientific Research

Clinical Research Laboratories

At the Scientific Institute of Sesto San Giovanni – Milan:

Clinical research laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with a workbench, 1 fridge-80°C, 1 fridge 2°-8° (for the storage of drugs at controlled temperature), 1 centrifuge to treat samples of patients enrolled in clinical trials. The “only” Experimental drugs are stored in the adjacent room.

Ambulatory – Pisacane – Metabolic Screening DIAPASON

The clinic is dedicated to the Diapason Study for carrying out a medical examination, including anamnesis and objective examination of the subject participating in the study, blood samples for metabolic screening (Oral glucose test and expected blood tests), measurement of cutaneous AGE (Advanced Glication End Product) using Age Reader instrumentation (produced by Diagnoptics). Available equipment: Age Reader, pickup trolley, PC, n°1 bed.

Ambulatory – Pisacane – DIAPASON Vascular Diagnosis

The clinic is dedicated to the Diapason Study for the carrying out of endothelial function evaluation examinations with Endopath instrumentation, peripheral vasculopathy evaluation by automatic determination of the ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) with dedicated instrumentation (produced by Huntleigh).
Available equipment: Endopath (manufactured by ITAMAR-Medical), Automatic ABI System produced by Huntleigh), temperature stability system through ventilation and light/temperature dimming/adjustment through blinds and thermal blinds, PC, 2 sunbeds together.
The remaining activities of the Firm are carried out in departmental clinics at the Cardiology Unit (Electro-cardiogram and Eco-Doppler TSA) and Ophthalmology Unit (Ophthalmology and Oculi Fundus Examination).