MultiMedica Scientific Research

Facilities in Convention

IRCCS MultiMedica researchers have access to the following Laboratories/Facilities under the Conventions entered into with Universities and Research Centres:

Convention with CNR: U.O.S. Laboratories (Operational Structure Unit) of the Genetic and Biomedical Research Institute at the PST of Via Fantoli (MI):

  • Laboratory of cell cultures equipped with two flow hoods, two incubators, two centrifuges, two refrigerators -20 and one at +4.
  • Laboratory of biochemistry and molecular laboratory equipped with a laminar flow hood and a chemistry, centrifuges, a quantitative PCR and 3 normal PCR, thermostatic plates;
  • Cytogenetics and molecular laboratory equipped with Tecan liquid dispenser, Leica fluorescence microscope with software for chromosomal analysis, image collector with UV and white lamp, X-ray plate developer, refrigerator +4, wheel for immunoprecipitation analysis.

Agreement with the University of Insubria: Researchers of IRCCS MultiMedica can access the Housing Unit located at the monobloc unit, via Dunant 3 – Varese (VA).

The enclosure complies for its operation with the relevant national and international rules and guidelines and, in particular, requires as a necessary condition for the use of its facilities that each individual Research Project be approved in advance by the Ethical Committee of Athenaeum for Animal Experimentation.
The animal enclosure offers the possibility of working with the following animal species: Mus muris, Rattus norvegicus, Xenopus laevis, Ambystoma mexicanum.