Ethics comes first

It is not limited to a series of principles to follow, but constitutes the overall vision of MultiMedica’s activities, its mission, its raison d’ être. Focusing on ethics means putting people and their wellbeing before any other consideration. This is how the patient, his or her family and doctor are the hub of our Group’s care, treatment and research activities.
From a statement of principle, ethics becomes concrete and palpable in daily practice, through personalized assistance and care, tailored to the needs and characteristics of each individual. Scientific innovation, the most advanced technological equipment and professional competence are only tools at the service of the patient, in terms of respect, safety, responsibility and transparency.

So that it is not just a slogan; the centrality of the patient becomes a reality thanks to the transformation of the hospital organization in relation to the models that are now more in vogue and adapted to his needs. Prevention, diagnosis, therapeutic process, post-therapeutic course, rehabilitation process and home care must be a continuous care process. For this reason, MultiMedica has reversed the logic of progressive fragmentation into specialised operating units and has decided to adopt departmental structures with the aim of sharing human, physical and professional know-how resources.

Collaboration then becomes an essential concept that translates into an “open” structure:

  • to the Doctors of General Medicine, so that they can make use of the services and professionalism present within us, also through targeted information and continuous updates;
  • relatives, so that they can provide assistance and support to their family members;
  • institutions, in a two-way relationship of collaboration with ATS, ASST other hospitals and universities.

Our goal is therefore not limited to ensuring health services of excellence, but Health, understood as an overall improvement in the quality of life of the population.