Cinque per Mille for Health Research

Whoever wants can give an aid to health research by choosing to whom will go the money of 5 per thousand simply by indicating the tax code of the beneficiary in their tax return.

The Fiscal Code
of the IRCCS MultiMedica is:

With us, research is done with the heart

The MultiMedical IRCCS, thanks to its articulated structure of laboratories and therapeutic areas, is able to effectively conduct translational research that integrates experimental research and clinical practice with the intent of transferring the results obtained in the laboratory to the patient’s bed.
On the clinical front, the Institute is organized according to an inter-hospital departmental logic, able to guarantee a truly complete treatment path for patients suffering from cardiovascular pathologies, from the first specialized examination to rehabilitation. n terms of research, IRCCS MultiMedica has research laboratories located in an area of approximately 10,000 square meters of laboratories at the Science and Technology Centre in the southern area of Milan.
The cardiovascular sector for which MultiMedical IRCCS is recognized includes the following major pathologies:
1) all cardiac and vascular diseases and their complications, from their origin and therefore the risk factors for their genesis, such as endocrine-metabolic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and dyslipidaemia
2. respiratory diseases, in particular bronchus pneumopathies
3) kidney diseases particularly associated with heart failure, which then lead to chronic kidney failure and even dialysis therapy.
Documenting the importance and complexity of clinical activities in the cardiovascular sector, the sector in which the MultiMedical IRCCS is recognized, we would like to point out that diseases in this sector are still the main cause of death in Italy, accounting for 44% of all deaths. In particular, ischaemic heart disease is the leading cause of death in Italy, 28% of all deaths, while cerebrovascular diseases are in third place with 13%, after cancer. But those who survive a heart attack become chronically ill. The disease changes the quality of life, brings considerable economic costs to society and poses new challenges for medical and surgical care and assistance. In Italy, 23.5% of pharmaceutical expenditure (equal to 1.34% of the gross domestic product) is allocated to cardiovascular medicines.


The research activity of the IRCCS MultiMedica is oriented to:
support and develop clinical and basic research projects capable of preventing, alleviating or treating cardiovascular and metabolic diseases;
create multidisciplinary synergies between clinicians and researchers to address these diseases in a comprehensive and integrated way;
to favour new ideas and creative applications in the various medical disciplines of the cardiovascular and metabolic area;

Lines of research

IRCCS MultiMedica’s research activity is concentrated in the following 2 lines:

  • RESEARCH LINE 1: Cardiovascular diseases and pluripathological subject: pathophysiology, translational research and care.
  • RESEARCH LINE 2: Study of risk factors for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases: pathophysiology, translational research and experimental applications.

Based on the choice made by taxpayers, a share of five per thousand of their personal income tax is allocated:

  • to the support of volunteering and other non-profit organizations of social utility (ONLUS) referred to in art. 10 of Legislative Decree. 4 December 1997, no. 460, and subsequent amendments, as well as the social promotion associations registered in the national, regional and provincial registers provided for by art. 7, paragraphs 1,2,3 and 4 of Law no. 383 of 7 December 2000, and of recognised associations and foundations operating in the sectors referred to in art. 10, paragraph 1 letter a) of Legislative Decree no. 10, paragraph 1 letter a) of Legislative Decree no. 4 December 1997, No 460
  • to the funding of research scientific and university research;
  • to research funding health care;
  • to social activities carried out by the municipality of residence of the taxpayer.

In order to express your choice, you must sign in the box corresponding to only one of the four purposes for which the five per thousand part of IRPEF is intended.

This choice does not result in higher taxes to be paid.

For some of the purposes, you may also indicate the tax code of the specific person to whom you intend to allocate directly the portion of five per thousand of IRPEF, as shown in the following facsimile:

If, on the other hand, you fall within the categories of taxpayers exempt from the obligation to declare, you can still choose to whom to allocate the five per thousand of IRPEF, using a specific form called “Destination of 5 per thousand of IRPEF “.

The form may be submitted within the same time limit as for the submission of the income tax return:

  • post offices and partner banks using a normal closed mail envelope. Receipt of the card from banks and post offices is free of charge;
  • to an intermediary enabled to telematic transmission (professional, CAF). The latter must issue a receipt with an undertaking to transmit the choice. Intermediaries are entitled to accept the form and may charge a fee for the service provided.

The envelope must bear the indication “Selected for the destination of 5 per thousand of IRPEF“, the surname and first name of the taxpayer and the tax code.