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Oncological Association MultiMedica onlus

In February 2000 a group of MultiMedica’s doctors and managers founded the Oncological Association of MultiMedica at the headquarters of Sesto San Giovanni. On July 4, 2003, this association was recognized as a Non Lucrative Organization of Social Utility (O. N. L. U. S.). The Association is voluntary, apolitical and non-profit-making; the President is Dr. Ornella Gottardi and the vice-president is Prof. Valerio Ceriani. This Association wants to unite those who have shared and still doing with their loved ones the pain and problems related to cancer disease and those who face daily difficult situations that require, in addition to strength and courage, specific training and continuous updating. Objectives of the Association are:

  • contribute to the research and development of medical and surgical activity in oncology, by encouraging and stimulating professional updating, diagnostic methodologies and innovative treatments.
  • establish a collaborative relationship between the hospital structure and the users, local authorities, associations and doctors of General Medicine.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Association aims to:

  • links with national and international Research Centres for an exchange of experience and for a more specific professionalism of MultiMedica collaborators
  • funding of research programmes
  • organisation and financial support for congresses, meetings and meetings at MultiMedica and its offices
  • organisation and financial support to start meetings with users, their families, general practitioners, local authorities and associations

The Oncological Association achieves its objectives by using sums coming from bequests, donations and gifts, contributions and grants made by public and private bodies as well as its members.

The Association needs many supporter Friends who, with a simple subscription or free contribution, can help to achieve the goals set.

Ordinary Friend
Sustaining Friend €50
Benemerite Friend €100

Chi desidera sostenere l’Associazione e i suoi progetti può dare il suo contributo utilizzando:

Your income tax return by deciding to allocate 5×1000 of income tax to our Association, the tax code to be reported is: 94591220150

or with a free donation through bank transfer:

c/c n. 11551 Banca Popolare di Milano, ag. 175 Garbagnate Milanese (MI), ABI 5584 CAB 33130
IBAN IT24A0558433130000000011551

Headed to:
Associazione Oncologica MultiMedica ONLUS – C/o IRCCS MultiMedica , Via Milanese 300 – 20099 Sesto S.G. (MI)

The economic contributions in support of the MultiMedica Oncological Association are tax deductible from both companies and individuals.

For more information:
Secretariat Operating Unit Oncology, IRCCS MultiMedica Sesto S. G. (MI)
Tel 02-2420.9043 – e-mail:aomm@multimedica.it