MultiMedica Group

Patient Security

Security is a key component of the quality of health care and its defence requires effective action to prevent errors and mitigate their consequences. Clinical risk management represents the set of various actions implemented to improve the quality of healthcare services and ensure patient safety. Risk Management is a continuous process based on the identification, assessment and management of risks, in order to prevent the occurrence of adverse events or, in any case, to minimize damage to the patient, operators and the structure.

The objectives of the Patient Safety and Clinical Risk Management Programme of the Multimedica Group are as follows:

  • Protect the patient and its safety
  • Decrease errors by promoting a risk prevention culture based on transparency, comparison and collaboration
  • Promoting the image of the company

The achievement of these objectives is based on

  • Monitoring of risk conditions
  • Integration of skills, communication, knowledge
  • Improvement of clinical processes
  • Development of innovation in management practices

Systematic risk assessment and reduction is also carried out through the adoption of the Standard Joint Commission, whose monitoring ensures a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors, while also enabling the following:

  • Increase public confidence in the Multimedica Group as it is composed of structures that enhance the quality and safety of the patient
  • Involve patients and their relatives as partners in the care process.
  • Create a culture open to learning from adverse situations and solving security problems
  • To establish collaborative leadership that aspires to excellence in quality and patient safety
  • Understand how to continue to improve the processes and outcomes of clinical care