MultiMedica Group

Quality Certification

What does it mean to be certified

The certification consists in the verification, by a third part (in our case Bureau Veritas), independent and accredited, of the compliance of the Quality Management System with the requirements of the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. Multimedica’s certification is functional to its reorganization in a perspective of continuous improvement, that is to say the rationalisation and efficiency of processes (administrative and health care), human resources and structures, for┬ápatient and health care professional safety. It therefore triggers a path of new awareness at all levels.

What concrete advantages does a certification process bring?

The certification represents an important moment of awareness for the Hospital Structure, as well as a valuable tool available to:

  • the Management for the measurement and evaluation of predefined objectives;
  • staff, because it offers planning and control tools (guidelines, procedures, instructions, indicators, etc.) at all levels, which make it possible to ensure compliance with the legal requirements and recommendations of scientific associations for good clinical practice, but also to capitalize on the experience gained by operators by valuing the individual professionalism within an organization increasingly aware and efficient;
  • of the patient, because it is a guarantee of clinical safety and quality and management.

MultiMedica certification is the starting point for initiating continuous improvement and patient safety processes.

What are the Group’s structures fully certified today?

IRCCS of Sesto San Giovanni, the Hospitals of Castellanza and San Giuseppe di Milano, the Centre of Laboratory Medicine and Pathological Anatomy (MultiLab) and the Polispecialistic Medical Center AIECS srl of Occupational Medicine.