Useful Information

Examination Day


On the day of the appointment, the staff of the Information Point will direct you to the branches dedicated to the activities of recording your personal data (for the first access to our facilities), acceptance and payment of the booking.

National Health Service

  • Implementation of the treating physician
  • Fiscal code
  • Identity card or equivalent document
  • Health Directory and Regional Charter of Health Services
  • Card exemption card possible

Professional Freedom/Convention

  • Prescription of the specialist (mandatory only for instrument diagnostics performance)
  • Identity card or equivalent document
  • Fiscal code
  • Assembly of a membership card to a body that has an agreement with the MultiMedical Group

You will be asked to give your consent:

  • Handling of personal data by the MultiMedica Group for medical and administrative use pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003;
  • collection, recording and storage of clinical data and/or biological materials by the MultiMedical Group for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and study.

The complete text of the information regarding the processing of personal and/or sensitive data pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 is available at the reception desk on each floor, together with the list of rights provided for by art. 7 of the same legislative decree.


The Informed Consent is the document signed by both the physician for certification of complete information to the patient, and by the patient himself for subsequent acceptance of the therapy / intervention to which it must be subjected.

The same must be provided exclusively and directly to the person concerned, who is of legal age and capable of understanding and wanting, who has the right to withdraw it at any time by reporting this demonstration at the end of the consent (by dating and signing it).

The signing of the Consent is automatically delegated to both parents.
It is therefore necessary that both parents are informed and give their consent.
Only in the absence of one parent because of distance or natural disability or incapacity, which makes it impossible for one parent to exercise parental authority, can this power be exercised exclusively by the other one.

The patient who is incapable of understanding and wanting may not be in a position to give conscious consent to the act of health care because he lacks the ability to discern and unable to validly express his will.
There are various institutes for the protection of adult subjects (or emancipated minors) that provide for the appointment by the judge of legal figures that replace totally or partially the incapacitated subject (guardian, administrator, support administrator).