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(COD. RIC 2202) – Post-doc position in the Laboratory of Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Regenerative Medicine

One post-doc position is open at Spinetti’s lab, IRCCS MultiMedica, Milan, Italy

One post-doc position is available in the group coordinated by Dr. Gaia Spinetti, Laboratory of Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Regenerative Medicine at the IRCCS MultiMedica, Milan, Italy.

Spinetti’s group is conducting translational research in the field of cardiovascular diseases associated with aging. Research activities benefit from a tight collaboration with basic and clinical researchers operating at MultiMedica and with international leaders in the field of regenerative medicine such as prof Paolo Madeddu, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK.

The focus is on the micro- and macro-vascular complications of diabetes mellitus and the cardiovascular diseases associated with the geriatric syndrome of frailty. More recently COVID-19 cardiovascular complications are studied. The aim is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms altered in the disease status to guide personalized preventive and therapeutic strategies to regenerate damaged organs. The group is building up on a maturated experience in the pathophysiology of the bone marrow, the central organ hosting regenerative cells both of the stem/hematopoietic origin, mature immune and vascular cells involved in cardiovascular regeneration. At the molecular level special emphasis is given to inflammaging, longevity-associated proteins, and non-coding RNA functional properties.

Candidates should possess a PhD in cardiovascular biology, molecular medicine, or associated fields, Acquired skills in the following procedures are preferred:

  • multicolor flow cytometry
  • 2D and 3D cell culture
  • Immunostaining and microscopy

IRCCS MultiMedica is a center of excellence for cardiovascular research and offers a highly stimulating scientific environment that supports the close interactions between basic researchers, translational researchers, and clinicians. The Institute is equipped with advanced instrumentations for biomedical research, including a flow cytometry facility (one BD FACS CantoII/3 laser, one BD FACS Fortessa x20/5 laser, and one BD FACS AriaII Cell Sorter/3 laser)

Interested candidates should send a detailed CV, a motivation letter supporting the application to the open position, and 1-2 letters of reference (when available).

Salary will be determined according to the candidate’s expertise and CV. Interested candidates are required to send their application, using the listed email contact


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