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Exam Day

The day of your appointment, Information Point staff will address you to the appropriate window where you will be able to register your personal information (when accessing our facilities for the first time), be checked in and pay for the service.

Required documents

National Healthcare Service
If the ambulatory service to be performed has been booked under coverage of the National Healthcare Service, the documents that must be presented to the check-in staff are:
     - Family doctor request
     - social security number 
     - Valid Identity document 
     - Healthcare card and Carta Regionale dei Servizi Sanitari 
     - Exemption documentation if available

Personal/confidential data treatment consensus
You will be asked to consent to:
Treatment of personal data by MultiMedica Group for healthcare and administrative purposes according to art.13 of Dlgs 196/2003;
Collection, registration and storage of personal medical records and/or biological materials on behalf of MultiMedica Group for prevention, diagnoses, treatment and research;
The complete text of the informative document regarding the treatment of personal and/or confidential data in compliance with art. 13 , Legislative Decree 196/2003 is available from the reception desk located on each floor, together with the list of rights defined by art. 7 of the same L.D.

Under-age Patients
Under-age patients must be accompanied by a parent or guardian; if this should not occur we will be unable to deliver the requested service. The accompanying adult will be asked to sign the personal data treatment consensus and a cumulative certification statement to self-certify their kinship. If the under-age patient is accompanied by a relative who is not the legal guardian, a written and signed authorization from the legal guardian will also be required.

Patients unable to sign
Minors, temporarily disabled or illiterate patients
For all above cases, the documentation must be signed by an escort who will have to state his/her kinship to the patient.

Care service delivery
Once the administrative procedure is complete, the patient will be escorted to the care service waiting area.

NB: To simplify the doctor's activity in establishing a diagnoses and, if necessary, appropriate treatment, we suggest you bring with you all medical records and documentation related to previous tests/examinations (results, X-rays, etc.).

Informed Consensus
For certain tests (for example: RMI and CT with contrast medium, Stress test, Ocular Angiography, etc.) and minor ambulatory procedures in specialized areas including Ophthalmology, Urology, plastic surgery, general surgery and dermatology, you will be asked to read and sign a form (INFORMED CONSENSUS), informing you on the potential risks and complications that may incur as a consequence of the above mentioned tests or minor procedures