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Born at the Ospedale San Giuseppe

The Maternal and Child Area has always been a flagship of the San Giuseppe Hospital. We think that the quality of the adult’s physical and intellectual life depends mostly on the assistance given to the pregnant woman and the newborn. The team that takes care of this delicate period is made up of doctors specialists with proven experience in the field of gynaecology, pathophysiology of pregnancy, obstetrics and neonatology; from midwives, paediatric nurses specialized in the care of infants with problems and from childcare workers. A real team of experts at the disposal of mothers and children.


It is the first point of contact between the hospital and future parents. Located at the entrance, in Via San Vittore 12, it is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm. It is the office dedicated exclusively to the obstetric-neonatology area. Here, specialized staff will help you define the most suitable birth path for your needs, dealing with the relevant administrative formalities and answering all your questions.
Its main function is that of corner booking and acceptance, with the advantage of being able to plan at once all the visits, examinations and checks scheduled in the 9 months of gestation. At the Birth Desk you can also find information about courses and initiatives organized ad hoc for new parents, before and after childbirth.


For reservations:
– with SSN: 02 86 87 88 89, Monday to Friday, 8 – 16.
– Payment: 02 999 61 999 999, Monday to Friday, 8 – 19; Saturday, 8 – 13.


The Department of Maternal – Child – Perinatal Medicine of the San Giuseppe Hospital has the following facilities:

  • birth room and surgical rooms equipped with all the necessary for gynaecological interventions, for any kind of childbirth, for assistance to physiological infants and those with birth difficulties
  • patient wards of gynaecology, obstetrics and neonatology
  • clinics:
  • for physiological pregnancy
  • for pathological pregnancy
  • for physiological infants
  • for premature infants and premature infants
  • for infants with problems
  • of psychological support for the perinatal period*
  • pelvic floor rehabilitation rehabilitation*
  • Blood collection service from umbilical cord


The department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics is located on the 2nd floor, elevator F, T. 02 8599 4791.

It has:

  • two-bed air-conditioned rooms for shelters with National Health Service
  • single rooms and suites for paid admissions. These types of rooms are equipped with independent air conditioning, TV, minibar, hairdryer, safe and a sofa bed for the companion.

In the ward you practice the rooming-in, namely, the possibility of keeping in your hospital room newborn children, during the course of their stay after childbirth, day and night, without time limits, in a small bed next to that of the mother.

The department of Neonatology is located on the 2nd floor, elevator D, T. 02 8599 4785.
It has 20 cradles for physiological babies and 5 cribs for pathological babies, which can be attached to a second level of care.
The department is also adequate to respond to neonatal emergencies.


*pay services

Course of accompaniment to Birth

The midwives of the Ospedale San Giuseppe have developed a course of education at birth for women from the 32nd week of gestation with 1 or 2 weekly meetings, of two hours each, until delivery. The objective of the course is to promote endogenous bonding with the child, facilitate processes of adaptation to the rhythms and needs of pregnancy, support the couple in change, promote the subjectivity of women.

Support for breastfeeding

The extraordinary peculiarities of breastmilk are not only due to its sophisticated biological characteristics, but also to the value of breastfeeding within the mother and child relationship.
All mothers who give birth at the Ospedale San Giuseppe can count on the support of nurses and midwives for all the problems related to breastfeeding and puerperium in the first 40 days after partum.

Psychological support*

It is aimed at women during pregnancy and in the post-partum period.
For the psychological support of psycho-physical problems (hypremesis, multiabortivity, MEF, threat of premature childbirth, infertility) and evidence of psychological distress (anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc.).

Home care*

To help new parents to face the first weeks of their child’s life, a nursing and obstetric care service has been set up at home.

Neonatal massage course*

Accompanying the mother in the exogestation through the infant massage has been introduced in our hospital for several years. AIMI is an international association founded by Canadian Vimala Mclure in 1986 in the USA. The AIMI has qualified specialized personnel to promote the basic concept of “Bonding” through massage and the importance for us Westerners too that mother’s hands may have on the body of their child.
The courses are held at our hospital in groups of 4-5 children with their mothers, with a frequency of once a week for 5 meetings.

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