Excellencies - Breast Unit

Clinical Studies

Active studies for treated patients:

  • Multi-centric clinical study (POSITIVE IBCSG 48-14)  that evaluate the effects of pregnancy after the interruption of an endocrine therapy in women with endocrine-responsive breast cancer who desire pregnancy
  • Multi-centric randomized double-blind phase III trial (Olympia IBCSG 50-14) which assesses the efficacy and safety of Olaparib versus placebo in adjuvant treatment in women with germ mutation BRCA1/2 affected by high-risk triple negative breast cancer who have completed adjuvant or neoadjuvant treatment.
  • Pondx study evaluating the use and therapeutic impact of the Oncotype DX method to determine the risk of relapse in HER2 negative positive breast cancer receptors with negative lymph nodes or lymph node involvement up to 3 lymph nodes.

Active studies for patients awaiting surgery:

  • Randomized multicentric double-blind phase II (neo-orb) trial of neoadjuvant therapy with letrozole whether or not associated with BYL719 or buparlisib in menopausal women with hormone receptor positive with cancer and Her2-negative

Studies closed to recruitment and ongoing data collection

  • Impact (Amgen 20060445) observational study for patients with solid tumours (lung udder ovary) receiving myelotoxic chemotherapy in which it is required to describe the incidence of febrile neutropenia (FN) based on the use of G-CSF (primary, secondary or no use).
  • IBCSG 22-00 Randomized Stage III adjuvant trial for triple negative patients randomized CM maintenance for 1 year vs follow up
  • HOHO (IBCSG 43-09) observational clinical study that subjects questionnaires to women under 40 years of age with recent breast cancer diagnosis
  • Stage II randomized primary metastatic phase II study for positive her2 and positive ER tumours in menopausal women randomizing to transtuzumab with aromatase inhibitor with or without pertuzumab.
  • SNAP (IBCSG 42-12) randomised phase II trial in the metastatic front line for negative HER2 patients that after an induction therapy with Nab-paclitaxel randomizes at 3 different maintenance therapy schedules.