Excellencies - Eye Clinic

Severe eye diseases in adults

  • Senile cataract surgery
(Cataratta dell’adulto)
(Adult cataract)






  • Lip palpebral and tear pathologies (including the most common: palpebral ptosis and congenital obstruction of the nose and tear duct)
  • Corneal pathologies (such as keratoconus and endothelial decompensation)
  • Adult Glaucoma
  • Adult retinal diseases (such as senile macular degeneration or retinal vasculopathies such as retinal occlusions or diabetic retinal retinal retinal disease)
  • Vitreous-retinal surgery (required in case of detachment of the retina, macular hole, macukare pucker)
  • Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis
(Cheratocongiuntite di Vernal)
(Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis)






  • Pathologies of the anterior segment and tear film disorders (e. g. Meibomial glands disorder)