Excellencies - Eye Clinic

Vitreoretinal surgery service

The vitreoretinal surgery service deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all surgical pathologies involving the vitreous and the retina. Patients with vitreo-retinic pathologies may be examined in a special clinic for such disorders. In this clinic, both preoperative examinations and post-surgery checks are carried out. Vitrectomy is the selected surgical technique for vitreal pathologies. It consists in the mechanical removal of the vitreous body and its replacement with a perfectly transparent and much more fluid liquid (replaced vitreous). It can be combined with various manual or laser maneuvers depending on the basic pathology. The reasons that may lead to vitrectomy intervention are different:

  • In cases of vitreous haemorrhage
  • In the detachment of the retina
  • In endoocular infections
  • In cases of vitreous-reinic interface pathology (macular holes, macular pucker)
  • In many other pathologies, including traumatic ones (e. g. endo-ocular extraneous bodies) or iatrogenic ones (e. g. bursting of crystalline fragments).
(OCT image of macular pucker or epiretin membrane)