Excellencies - Eye Clinic

Vitreoretinal surgery service

Our Vitreo-Retinal Surgery Center is run by hyper-specialist staff with years of practical experience in the retinal surgery environment.

It’s a 2nd level Ambulatory, in which patients access after experiencing retinal problems during an eye examination. These patients are therefore taken care of immediately and accompanied throughout their surgical and non-surgical journey.

Our technologies are among the most advanced and, combined with the skills of our staff, offer a wide range of options to find the best diagnostic and therapeutic procedure for the patient. It is also important to underline how our interventions tend more and more towards microsurgery in order to minimize the physical and psychological impact of the patient.

We treat vitreous and retina diseases, such as the retinal degeneration, which can result in a rupture and if not promptly treated, the retinal detachment, a pathological condition that puts at high risk the visual functionality and structural integrity of the eye.

Other pathology frequently treated is the diabetic retinopathy which, in the most serious cases, can lead to surgery to try to stop retinal impairment.

Our approach to this situation is shaped on the needs and requirements of the patient, we are able to opt for either external or episcleral ab surgery or internal ab or vitrectomy.


This is also suitable for membranes preretinic or epiretinic (macular pucker), often idiopathic or secondary to eye trauma or diabetes, and in case of spot holes.