Excellencies - The birth point

Obstetric services at home

The home care of midwives of the Maternal and Child Department of the Ospedale San Giuseppe gives every woman the opportunity to have a completely personalized help, without having to move from home, in a family environment, comfortable, where you really feel at ease.

What does it consist of?

A midwife, on call, goes to the home of the new parents in the first months of life of the baby. During the meeting, she checks that the mother and baby are well, answers all the questions of the new parents and offers them useful information and suggestions for the care of the newborn or the management of feeding, always difficult in the first period. The care is also aimed at the emotional sphere of the new mother, who can tell her feelings, perhaps related to the experience of childbirth and talk about the emotions she is experiencing, joy and fears.

It provides for 2 meetings of 2 hours. Customized according to the needs and preferred times of future parents, this course provides essential advice to prepare for the physical, emotional and organizational changes of pregnancy, childbirth and arrival of the newborn and respond to any curiosity, concern or doubt. Topics covered include the development of the baby, how best to deal with labor and childbirth and pain management, how to manage the return home.

Cost 2 meetings of 2h = 250 euro

Organized according to the individual needs of the mother, it is a valuable support to learn the correct attachment to the breast (the right position, the right feeding, etc.) and also have good tips for feeding the new mother.

Cost 2 h = 120 euro

Designed to support the mother, during the day, in a known and familiar environment. Home care so as not to face all the new needs on its own.

Cost 1 h = 30 euro (40 euros in the case of twins)

The midwife offers all-night support during the most difficult hours.

Cost 1 h = 35 euro (45 euros in the case of twins)