Useful information

How does Check-Up take place?
The course begins with the internal examination, which consists of an accurate family and personal history, objective examination, and a complete hematochemical sampling, with an evaluation of the lipid, hepatic, kidney, martial balance, and viral hepatitis markers, in order to obtain a precise basic clinical picture.

From this moment a totally personalized path is outlined, through the choice of different specialized visits (for example cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmologic, gynecological, urological, dermatological), instrumental examinations (for example abdominal ultrasound, thyroid, cardiac, cardiac, ecocolordoppler of the supra-hortic trunks) and possible further laboratory examinations, based on individual needs. All this always with the guidance of the internist-tutor who coordinates the various specialists and supervises the examinations carried out.

The result is a final report whose meanings may have different operational implications in relation to the results obtained, defining further levels of intervention.

Normalcy, which we all hope for, can be assumed:

  • a simple program to control risk factors (cigarette smoking, dyslipidemia, overweight, poor physical activity) or the definition of specific therapy programs for individual specialist problems
  • until the need to perform further and more demanding instrumental tests necessary for diagnostic completion (TAC, RMN, scintigraphy, surgery).

Should I show up
Check-Up is carried out in our MultiMedica Scientific Institute, Via Milanese, 300 Sesto San Giovanni (MI).

On the 6th floor will be welcomed by our hostesses who, in addition to acquiring your personal data, will provide you with all the information on the diagnostic process. You will also be given a comfortable and functional clothing to make your Check-Up simpler and more pleasant.

Delivering reports
Free delivery by Courier to the address indicated by the Patient.
In check-up outpatient clinics with an interview with the intern doctor. In the latter case, the Check-Up Service will contact the patient directly to communicate the date and time of the interview.
The average delivery time of the reports is 15 working days (excluding transport days of the carrier).

Dedicated area
In order to make the breaks between exams more pleasant, there is a reserved area with newspapers, periodicals, telephone service and bar service that can be accessed free of charge.

On the previous day, do not take fruit and vegetables. The evening before it is advisable to eat a light meal, avoiding the consumption of alcoholic beverages (wine, beer, liqueurs). Since midnight, absolute fasting is necessary: only water may be swallowed. Some examinations are to be carried out when the bladder is full, once arrived in the ward you will follow the medical indications for the amount of water to be taken. Diabetic patients should report this on arrival at the ward.

No medical treatment should be discontinued. Also in the morning, medications should be taken at regular times.

What to bring with you
Documentation relating to examinations carried out during the last 2-3 years (blood and urine tests, x-rays, ultrasound, etc.).
Eyeglasses; do not wear contact lenses on the day of check-up, and preferably do not wear gas contact lenses permeable in the previous 3 days.
A sample of urine collected in the morning of the examination and, if the diagnostic process requires it, a stool sample for the search of occult blood.
Carefully follow the instructions enclosed with the containers provided by us at the time of booking.
The list of medications taken regularly.

Reserved for women
Check-Up cannot be performed during the menstrual period. For a correct execution of the pap-test is preferable:

  • absorb themselves from internal vaginal washing in the 24 hours prior to examination
  • extend from treatment with ova or glow plugs within the previous 48 hours
  • extend yourself from sexual intercourse the day before the examination.

The intake of oral contraceptives has no contraindications. Pregnancy or menstrual delay must be reported before starting Check-Up.

Information and cancellations
For any questions or information, the hostesses of Check-Up are at your complete disposal at 02 24209266/67. The date of the appointment can be postponed by calling the same number.