Dialysis Centre of Pio Albergo Trivulzio

Via Antonio Tolomeo Trivulzio 15, Milano

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Phone 02/40091800
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Dialysis Centre of Pio Albergo Trivulzio

The Dialysis Centre of the MultiMedica Group, inaugurated in 2008 at the Pio Albergo Trivulzio, was the first to be located within a Social Welfare Residence for the Elderly.

Under the direction of Dr. Silvio Volmer Bertoli, the center, accredited by the Regione Lombardia, has 12 technical seats able to offer dialysis treatment to 48 patients with advanced computer technology and high efficiency techniques such as online hemodiafiltration.

This is an important project of collaboration between the public and private sectors that allows many elderly people both resident at the Pio Albergo Trivulzio and in the surrounding area to carry out dialysis without the discomforts caused by continuous movements to other more distant structures.