PST- MultiMedica Scientific and Technological Pole

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PST- MultiMedica Scientific and Technological Pole

In 2009, the Multimedica Group’s research expertise was expanded thanks to the integration of Bio-Ker, a research centre aimed at applying the latest scientific knowledge and discoveries to the treatment of cancer diseases and endocrine disruptions, through the development of new biomolecules, biosimilar drugs and biobetters.

Bio-Ker is present in the reality of therapeutic proteins by developing biosimilar compounds and original biopharmaceuticals (e. g. monoclinal antibodies and antibody fragments, protein mutants, fusion proteins, conjugated proteins, DNA vaccines, etc.). The development of biopharmaceuticals is conducted from gene engineering to fermentation, protein purification, protein analytical characterization, animal pharmacotoxicology, pharmaceutical formulation and clinical trials.

MultiLab is the Diagnostics Centre of the MultiMedica Group that includes Laboratory Medicine and Pathological Anatomy. The two units are divided into different sectors: Allergology, Autoimmunity, Clinical Chemistry, Hematology and Coagulation, Microbiology, Clinical Research, Serology, Toxicology, Histology, Cytology, Molecular Biology, Immunotochemistry. Its aim is to perform tests with high added value, often not available in public and/or private institutions and to contribute to the development of routine tests, characterizing them for high quality standards, cost-effectiveness and rapidity of execution, able to satisfy the multiple clinical needs of predictivity, prevention, diagnosis, diagnosis, monitoring and therapeutic surveillance according to management criteria of efficiency, effectiveness and safety.

MultiLab makes use of advanced technologies with robotic manufacturing processes, which allow the execution of large volumes of analysis not only for the group’s structures but also for other small and medium-sized laboratories or for external hospital facilities.

MultiLab is able to perform tests both in the area of Pathological and Laboratory Anatomy that allow customized therapies in line with the highest quality standards. In particular, numerous tests are available to support cardiovascular pathology and oncology in order to meet the demands of modern translational medicine.